Have Meaningful Interactions With Your Loved One and With Yourself.

There is no need to dread your daily interactions with your loved one.

This program is for the person who feels overwhelmed, busy, and alone as they care for a loved one with dementia.

It's for the person who doesn't have a lot of time to attend support groups and appointments.

It's for the person who wants the stress, guilt, and overwhelm that comes from caring for someone with dementia to go away. 

It's for the person who is watching their own health suffer as they care for their loved one and knows there has got to be a better way.

It's still possible to build good memories with your loved one.

This course can help.


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Caring for a loved one with dementia can be stressful and overwhelming. This course will help you learn how to care for your loved one and yourself in a way that is meaningful without having to put your entire life on hold.


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See What Our Care Course Members Are Saying

We've helped hundreds of caregivers like you find time for themselves again

"I've started back to the gym, I am making time to go out and walk. I've even slowly started to run again! Never thought I'd do that again. When I look back at my life, 7 years ago, I did a Triathlon, actually did pretty good (for Me) Where did it all go??? Well, I've started the journey back to some caring for myself since taking this course. I'm actually going away for 3 days, next week!!! "

Careblazer in Florida

"I have been changing my thoughts to be more positive thanks to the course. I have not been so critical of myself. I now know it's o.k. to take care of myself. I have more empathy, sympathy for my husband---and for others Thanks to the course I can tell myself "it's just the disease" which helps me to not take the rude, ugly comments personally. "

Careblazer in Colorado

"I am finding it significantly easier to get on with parts of my life that had seemed to be “frozen.” I am generally able to focus on tasks beyond the ones that absolutely HAD to be tackled. "

Careblazer in Oregon

"I’m learning that I’m important in this process too. My feelings count. I’ve been so plagued with guilt for having to place my husband in long term memory care, but I’m trying to come to terms with that. I had no real choices. So I’m trying to take care of myself. I’ve started back to the gym and also started back running and eating healthier. I’m feeling better already, my outlook is changing. It’s gonna take a lot of time, but you have to start somewhere. And I’m glad I’ve started."

Careblazer in California

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • The ability to cope with difficult emotions rather than spending most days overwhelmed. 
  • The blueprint to getting your loved one to change their behavior instead of feeling there is nothing will ever change.
  • The ability to have meaningful and enjoyable interactions with your loved one instead of dreading daily interactions.
  • The confidence and responses to reply to those who question your caregiving. 
  • Ways to REALISTICALLY start doing things you want WITHOUT the guilt.

What You Get With This Course:

  • 24/7 Access to private program videos walking you through the 3 step process to managing difficult caregiving moments so you can watch whenever it best fits your schedule.
  • Downloadable "Care Sheets" for you to use over and over as you put the 3 step system to work. 
  • Access to a special exercise bonus to help you get your health back on track if caregiving has gotten in the way of your physical health. 
  • Access to recordings of HOW TO MAKE CAREGIVING 50% EASIER- bonus training.
  • Access to an exclusive behavior bonus on how to prevent and reduce difficult dementia behaviors.
  • There is no special equipment required. Everything is available 24/7 so you don't have to rearrange your schedule. Watch whenever it's best for you. PLUS, you get lifetime access so there is no pressure or rush.

I Know Things Are Difficult

And I don't want them to be any more difficult than they have to be. I know you have it in you to turn things around. I've seen hundreds of amazing Careblazers start this course stressed and overwhelmed and come out of the course feeling confident, calm, and in control. I believe in you and your ability to make those changes too. Everything is available 24/7 from the comfort of your home so you can go at your own pace. I'll be there to support you along the way. - Love, Dr. Natali


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