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Chair Yoga & Getting Someone with Dementia to be More Receptive to Help: Interview with YogaFlava

self-care yoga Aug 16, 2020

Hey there Careblazer!

I recently did a video interview with a very special lady named Robin Downes.  She is the creator of YogaFlava. In our interview, she talks about chair yoga and how this can help both caregivers and people with dementia. 


Robin is a Careblazer for her father with dementia and a teacher of yoga for the past 25 years. 


The video topic was intended to be on the benefits of yoga and chair yoga for Careblazers and their loved ones with dementia. Robin is the founder of YogaFlava and has seen a lot of benefit from including her father in the practice. 


But what this interview turned into was so much more than talking about yoga. She shared so many gems about how she got her father, a former Sergeant Major (SGM), to be receptive to her help. How she got him to be more active. How she advocated for him in the hospital. And how she makes sure to prioritize her own self-care so that she can show up in the best way...

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