4 Common Dementia Caregiver Mistakes

Welcome back, Careblazer. Today I want to talk about the most common mistakes I see Careblazers make and how you can avoid them. This is an important topic because when we do these mistakes, it tends to:

  • Make the person with dementia more upset, sad, and stressed.
  • Increase your stress level because you are now having to deal with their difficult emotions. 
  • Adds tension and strain to your relationship making it more difficult for you to provide care to them in the future.

If you would rather watch my video on this topic, click here


By avoiding these mistakes you will be less stressed, calmer, and you will have a better relationship with your loved one. And, when all those things happen, it is much less likely that your loved one will show difficult dementia behaviors. 


That’s one of the hardest parts of this disease. We can’t just tell our loved ones to do or not do something. We can’t just tell them something to get them to...

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