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How to cope with dementia guilt and sadness

Well hey there. This is the very last Careblazer blog post of 2020, so in this video I wanted to share something that I think every Careblazer, and human being for that matter, should know. I hope  it's something you can keep in mind and bring with you into 2021. I want to talk about something that causes so much emotional pain and suffering and I want to help give you a way to lower that pain. 

So many dementia caregivers tell me about how much grief they feel watching their loved one slip away in front of your eyes.

They tell me about the fatigue and sleepless nights as a result trying to calm their loved one down in the middle of the night.

They talk to me about the guilt of not being able to keep their loved ones at home, or the frustration of not having any other family members who are willing to help out.

There are no shortage of reasons that contribute to you feeling the pain of those situations. 

BUT, the thing that adds so much more pain on top of...

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3 steps to help you manage guilt and sadness as a caregiver

Welcome back, Careblazer.

I was recently invited to talk at a support group. It was a virtual support group and apparently they had watched some of my videos so the leader reached out and asked if I would be willing to join them for one of their sessions.  It was an honor getting to meet these amazing Careblazers. Today, I want to share one of the questions a Careblazer asked. He was a Careblazer for his wife who was in a care facility and he shared that he feels so much grief and guilt when he was out living his life, knowing his wife is in the facility. He shared that he sometimes will find himself enjoying a moment with his daughter or grandkids and then he’ll remember how his wife isn’t there and can’t enjoy that same moment. This brings on a wave of sadness, grief, and guilt for him in these moments. His question was something like: "how do you experience joy in life when you know your loved one with dementia can’t also enjoy those moments?"...

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