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WHAT ARE THE STAGES OF DEMENTIA? The 3 stage and 7 stage models explained

education Aug 27, 2018

Hi there Careblazer!  I am often asked about the different stages of dementia. In this video, I describe the 2 most popular dementia staging models. But before I get into the details, it’s important to know a few things when it comes to dementia stages.


#1- No matter what type of dementia or what staging model is used, it’s important to think of dementia on a continuum. With 'no cognitive impairment' on one end and 'severe cognitive impairment' on the other.  Think of these stages as fluid with the ability for some slight changes, rather than a true stage that doesn’t change.

In many cases, it can seem like your loved one is stuck in between stages and that is okay too. Also factors such as daily environment, and daily schedules can help keep someone in a stage longer than others with similar dementia. You might notice that someone with dementia who takes a trip or does something out of the ordinary, may seem to struggle more...

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