How To Get Someone With Dementia To Change

Careblazer, I don't know if you can hear it right now, but there is a major storm happening right outside of my window, but I am not gonna let that stop me from recording another video for you. So if you hear like some wind helling or blowing, that's because there is a major storm happening right now in Phoenix, Arizona.


Okay, So in this post today, I wanna talk about something that is blocking the behavior change you want to see in your loved one with dementia, the number one. Reason That stops a lot of caregivers from being able to figure out what is going to change the behavior, what is actually going to get the person with dementia to change is you labeling the behavior.


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You interpreting the behavior. This is what I mean. But let's take one of the big examples. So many people struggle with the person with dementia, might not want to shower or bathe. When I work with some of my clients...

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Careblazer mindset - how to feel more at ease in difficult situations

careblazer mindset Nov 08, 2020

Welcome back, Careblazer.

Today I want to talk about the Careblazer mindset. It’s something my Care course members know about because we talk about it quite a bit inside the course. But I want to share it here because if you can understand this mindset and try to drop into this mindset from time to time, you will start to be able to handle and cope with the many challenges and difficulties in life with much more ease, peace, and compassion for yourself. By understanding and applying this mindset to your life, you will start to notice frustration and resistance start to lower. I’m going to first share what it is and then how you can apply it to your life. 

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And Careblazer, if you find today’s video helpful, or any of my information helpful for that matter, now is your chance to join my private program where we go over these principles, apply them to your situation, and start to notice a change....

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