Dementia Care Facilities Basics

Hey there, Careblazers! Today, I want to share a personal experience highlighting a critical issue in the healthcare system. As someone who has worked in the healthcare field for over 13 years, I recently found myself on the other side as a caregiver for my parents. The experiences I had during this challenging time have prompted me to address an important aspect that healthcare professionals need to keep in mind, and it can also help you, the Careblazer, in your caregiving journey.

Let me set the stage for you. My dad had a severe fall, which landed him in the hospital for a month, including some time in the ICU. From there, he was transferred to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. It was during this transition that I encountered a series of disheartening experiences that shed light on the state of care facilities today.

Upon arriving at the skilled nursing facility, nobody greeted me. The worker at the front desk was busy with her phone, failed to acknowledge my...

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