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How to keep someone with dementia active when they don't want to do anything

activity alzheimer's Dec 13, 2020

Hello there, Careblazer. Today I want to talk about a topic I recently discussed in one of my question and answer sessions. This came from a member of my care course who is caring for her mom with Alzheimer’s disease. 

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She asked :

I don't know how much to "push" her to do things that I think she's still able to do.  I want to keep her mind and body engaged, with activity and exercise.  She's lost so much strength lately and has such a hard time standing up - but she gets very resistant to doing things that are good for her cuz they are "hard" or not easy.”


This is such a good question and I want to share some of my response to her with all of you because I suspect there are many of you in a situation where you think your loved one is capable of doing more and want to keep them as active as possible to keep their strength. 

Before I dive into that, I just want to say...

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