Caregivers, Stop Closing Yourself Off From Help

What do NFL coaches, brain surgeons, and criminal defense lawyers have in common?

In this post, I'll answer this question and how it relates to a common question caregivers ask that prevents them from getting the support and information they are so desperately looking for when it comes to dementia caregiving,

This is another episode in a series on controversial and unpopular opinions in dementia caregiving.

I don't think it's okay for us to shy away from the hard topics that I see daily when working with caregivers and that you probably see an experience on a daily.

If you prefer to watch a video instead, click HERE.

There is a common question I hear frequently that I believe holds caregivers back.

I'm sharing it with you today in hopes that it will help you receive the help and support that could be available to you.

So, let's answer the question at the beginning of this post. What does an NFL coach, a brain surgeon and a criminal defense lawyer have in common? They have never...

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