caregiver stress Aug 31, 2018

Hi there Careblazer! Today I want to share  with you some common signs of caregiver stress and 5 things that you can start doing RIGHT NOW to help relieve some of your with Stress. Hint: Tip number 4 is my favorite. 

If you are feeling stressed (and what dementia caregiver isn’t stressed from time to time?), then read on to learn some easy, practical, free ways to start lowering your stress levels now. If you prefer to jump to the video where I talk about this, you can watch it by clicking here

I think most of you can recognize signs of caregiver stress because you are actually living the signs of caregiver stress. These are things like:


  • Withdrawing from your friends, family, and hobbies.
  • Feeling anxious about having to face another day.
  • Difficulty sleeping because you are worried about how you are going to get everything done. 
  • Feeling sad and depressed- maybe to the point you don’t even want to get out of bed.
  • Feeling...
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difficult behavior Aug 27, 2018

Hey there Careblazer! In this video, I talk about how to prevent your loved one's anger or frustration from getting worse. I share 10 tips to help reduce their anger and calm them down.

It’s common for people with dementia to sometimes accuse people of stealing things, see things that aren’t there, or simply just see you as someone trying to get in the way of them living life the way they want. Usually, the person giving them the most care (that's you!) gets the brunt of the anger.  These situations often lead to anger and frustration...but they don’t have to.

 Sometimes, it can seem like your loved one gets upset, frustrated, or violent completely out of the blue. Sometimes, it can seem like there is no clear trigger or sign of what caused them to get upset. That can be especially frustrating for you, because you have no idea what is causing the situation. Otherwise, if you did know what was making your loved one upset, you could to fix it so...

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WHAT ARE THE STAGES OF DEMENTIA? The 3 stage and 7 stage models explained

education Aug 27, 2018

Hi there Careblazer!  I am often asked about the different stages of dementia. In this video, I describe the 2 most popular dementia staging models. But before I get into the details, it’s important to know a few things when it comes to dementia stages.


#1- No matter what type of dementia or what staging model is used, it’s important to think of dementia on a continuum. With 'no cognitive impairment' on one end and 'severe cognitive impairment' on the other.  Think of these stages as fluid with the ability for some slight changes, rather than a true stage that doesn’t change.

In many cases, it can seem like your loved one is stuck in between stages and that is okay too. Also factors such as daily environment, and daily schedules can help keep someone in a stage longer than others with similar dementia. You might notice that someone with dementia who takes a trip or does something out of the ordinary, may seem to struggle more...

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