What's the Difference Between Alzheimers Disease and Dementia?

In this short post, I wanna explain the difference between Alzheimer's disease and dementia so that you never confuse the two of them. Again, there's a lot of confusion about these two terms, and it's no wonder because a lot of the times nobody is really taking the time to explain the difference. So that's what I wanna do here today.


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And in order to do that, I want to use the example of cancer. So when you hear that somebody has cancer, you immediately know that person is sick, but you're not quite sure. What type of cancer it is. Could it be lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, or brain cancer, or any of the other cancers? The same thing is true.

When you hear the words dementia, it means that you would know somebody is having problems with their thinking and their functioning, but it doesn't tell you what type is it. Alzheimer's, Lewy body, vascular, frontal temporal, or any of the other dementias out there, or even a combination. several.

So skin cancer is a type of cancer, but not all cancers are skin cancer. Likewise Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia, but not all dementias are Alzheimer's. Does that clear things up for you? Tell me in the comments below, if this clears up the difference for you, this is about the simplest way.

Now, like I mentioned earlier, it is possible for somebody to have more than one type of dementia. It's also entirely possible that after going through testing the healthcare providers might not really know what type of dementia the person has. That's also pretty common. If you'd like to learn more information just about dementia in general, what we know the healthcare providers that can diagnose and who can be helpful.

Now I would love to know from you, what other questions do you have in general about dementia that maybe you would like for me to clear up in a future post? I'd love to answer them, make sure you lead those questions in the comments as well.


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