Who gives a diagnosis of dementia? [3 most common]

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2021

Welcome back, Careblazer. Today I want to spend some time talking about the different types of healthcare providers that are involved in the diagnosis of dementia. It can be pretty confusing to figure out what type of providers specialize in dementia and what ones your loved one may benefit from seeing. So in today’s post, I’m going to cover the most common types of dementia providers and how they can be helpful to you and your loved one. Because there are SO many different types of providers that can play a role in good dementia care, I’m going to focus on those most important for assessing dementia. And in a future post, I’ll talk about those that are really important for giving treatments for dementia and the symptoms of dementia. 

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Let’s start first with the PCP. This is where most of you will start the process of getting a dementia diagnosis and it’s a really great...

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How to improve your relationship with someone who has dementia [4 TIPS]

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2021

Welcome back, Careblazer. I’m so excited to talk about today’s topic on how you can have a good relationship with someone who has dementia. If you already have a good relationship with your loved one, that’s great. The 4 tips I’m about to share with you will help you maintain that relationship. My personal favorite is tip #4. 


If you don’t have a good relationship with your loved one, (for example, perhaps your loved one resents your attempts to help them or often resists your efforts to help) then this post will certainly help. 

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This information is so important because as you begin the caregiver journey it is so easy to go from being the spouse, partner, or child to being the caregiver. You lose the relationship. Your loved one becomes a patient and you become the caretaker and we lose a lot of the personal relationship. This makes it so much easier for the...

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5 things your doctor should ask about: Interview with Dr. Yasinski

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2021

Hello Careblazer! I am so excited for today. In the video below, I interviewed Dr. Michael Yasinski. He is a psychiatrist who does a lot of work with the geriatric population and in this video he shares the 5 things he always asks about with every patient before he starts to consider things like dementia medications and other treatments. These 5 things are so important to the foundation of good health but it’s often overlooked by so many. If your loved one’s doctor isn’t asking about these 5 areas, you may want to bring them up to make sure nothing is being missed and  your loved one is functioning at their highest level. Be sure to let Dr. Yasinski know just how much you appreciate his expertise and time by leaving a comment and a thumbs up. I’m hoping he’ll come back on the show for some other topics. To watch my interview with Dr. Yasinski, click here.


Also, I’m excited for today because it’s the opening day of my care course....

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How to stop difficult dementia behaviors [by finding out the reason]

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2021

Welcome back Careblazer. Are you ready to learn more about what’s causing your loved one to have those frustrating/difficult behaviors? 


Last week, I shared with you the information you need to gather if you want to get to the bottom of why your loved one is doing what they are doing. So I’m hoping you’ve started gathering that information and writing it down either using my free worksheet I created for you or your own notebook.
Today, I’m going to talk about what to do after you have all that information. Let’s say you’ve gathered several weeks worth of information and no clear patter is jumping out at you. What do you do from there. Well, this is where I want you to jump into the action stage. Last week was about the surveillance stage- the gathering of the information, so if you haven't seen part one of this series, click here. Now we are into the action stage. Let’s take what we know and do something about it. 



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Get rid of difficult dementia behaviors [what you need to know]

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2021

Welcome back, Careblazer. How would you like to get to the bottom of any difficult dementia behavior? I thought you might like that. 

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Now in a lot of my content, I’ve shared practical strategies and tips for responding to difficult dementia behaviors. Basically, how you can respond to difficult behaviors after they’ve occurred so they don’t get worse. I’m linking a playlist I’ve put together with some of those videos below so you can get a refresher if you need it. 


But today, I want to talk about getting to the bottom of the behavior. Rather than trying to stop the behavior, it’s about trying to figure out what’s causing it so it doesn’t happen again. In this way, rather than constantly responding to every behavior as they happen, you have the chance to get ahead of the behavior and possibly prevent it from happening all together....

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3 things dementia caregivers should do every day

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

Welcome back Careblazer. Today, I want to share 3 simple things every Careblazer (and human for that matter) can start doing today to feel better without needing any extra time money or hired help. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and life doesn’t seem to be getting any better over time, PLEASE take note and promise yourself to start doing these 3 things. Literally, you have nothing to lose but so much greater potential to gain. about something that relates more to you in your caregiving journey. If you can practice these 3 things intentionally and consistently in 2021, you will be amazed at how you can feel and how you can approach the world in this coming year. 


 And you won’t want to miss me tell you my response to the common excuses of “it won’t work” or “it’s too hard.” I’ll share that at the very end. 

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Okay, the 1st thing to start...

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Top Caregiving lessons to bring into 2021

Welcome back Careblazer. We are into the 2nd week of 2021! Before we get any further, how would you like the most popular Careblazer lessons of 2020 broken down to the biggest takeaways in about 10 minutes? I hope you’ll bring these into the 2021 for more peaceful and meaningful interactions with your loved one. 

Let’s start with the 3rd most popular video of 2020. This video shared 5 SIMPLE ways to improve difficult dementia behaviors. The key word here being simple. After watching this video, Christine said it was the “best advice ever!” Well I’m glad it was helpful to her and I’d love for it to be helpful to you.

Here are the 5 simple ways to improve difficult dementia behaviors: 

  • #1 Be mindful of your facial expressions. Your non-verbals, especially your facial expressions matter more than what you are saying. If there is anything you take away from this video, it’s this. Be mindful of your facial expressions. You can be...
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Avoid arguing with someone with dementia

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2021

Do you want to avoid the constant arguments and make it more likely that your loved one will accept your help without a fight?

This post and this video will give you an approach that you can use whenever possible to help make that more likely. 

Here’s the thing, so many of you talk to me about how your loved one resists your care. Or when you try to change their behavior, they get upset with you or deny they did anything in the first place.  And unless you start to change your approach, this type of behavior will likely only get worse, making your position as a Careblazer more and more difficult. Let’s not let that happen. 

I’ve worked with thousands of family members over the years and one of my ultimate goals is to give you the strategies and approaches that makes caregiving easier and smoother rather than what tends to happen - which is putting a strain on the relationship and making the caregiving situation harder. 


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How to cope with dementia guilt and sadness

Well hey there. This is the very last Careblazer blog post of 2020, so in this video I wanted to share something that I think every Careblazer, and human being for that matter, should know. I hope  it's something you can keep in mind and bring with you into 2021. I want to talk about something that causes so much emotional pain and suffering and I want to help give you a way to lower that pain. 

So many dementia caregivers tell me about how much grief they feel watching their loved one slip away in front of your eyes.

They tell me about the fatigue and sleepless nights as a result trying to calm their loved one down in the middle of the night.

They talk to me about the guilt of not being able to keep their loved ones at home, or the frustration of not having any other family members who are willing to help out.

There are no shortage of reasons that contribute to you feeling the pain of those situations. 

BUT, the thing that adds so much more pain on top of...

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Changing dementia behavior to have more peace

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2020

Is your loved one doing something that drives you crazy or that you wish would change? Have all of your attempts to change them failed? No matter what you’ve tried it hasn’t seemed to help? Today I’m going to share something to help you feel less stressed and frustrated when nothing you’ve tried to help your loved one’s behavior seems to be working By listening to this strategy, practicing it, and applying it to your life, you are going to feel much better no matter what your loved one is doing.


My name is Natali Edmonds. I’m a board certified geropsychologist and the information and strategies I share on this channel have helped thousands of people caring for a loved one with dementia. I hope it helps you too. Be sure to hit the red subscribe button on your screen to help increase the chances that other caregivers can find this channel. 

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Alright, so let’s...

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