FREE TRAINING: How To Care For A Loved One With Dementia
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Welcome, Careblazer! I’m so excited for today! Not only am I sharing a special video, but it also happens to be the very first day of the Care Course opening. All of the Careblazers on my waitlist have already been alerted, and now it’s time to let all of you know. More details on that to come. 

It’s a bit different from the typical approach. It’s special training that I usually only do live, but I wanted to put it together here because I know that so many of you are in different time zones all across the world and I wanted to share it with as many of you as possible. Especially because if you put the information I share today into work, if you apply this to your life, you will start to notice shifts in your mood, thinking, and stress levels. In this video, I’m sharing with you my Careblazer MAP that you can apply to your own life so you can start to lower your stress, feel better, stop dreading the future and start to get your own life back to a place you feel good about. Careblazers have shared with me amazing improvements in their overall functioning, mood, and even their relationship with their loved ones simply from applying these principles. My goal is for you to have some of those same results. 


So grab a pen and paper- you’re probably going to want to jot down some notes- this is jammed packed with information that can truly be life-changing if you’re a stressed-out Careblazer. Let’s get started. 


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Alright, Careblazer. What did you think?  I hope you found this training valuable. 


Which one of the actions from the Careblazer MAP will you be focusing on? I want to hear about it below. I also can’t wait to work with many of you inside my course. The link to the course is below the video. Reach out if you have any questions about the course. I’ll do my best to answer as many of them as I can. And I look forward to working with you further inside the member area. Everything gets started on 16th, but your bonus on how to prevent and reduce the most difficult dementia behaviors is waiting for you right now inside the member area. 


I’ll be back next week with another video. 


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