About Careblazers

with Dr. Natali

About Careblazers

Our healthcare system has to do better.

Our communities have to do better.

Healthcare professionals have to do better.

Handing families, a brochure or booklet on dementia and sending them home with an appointment to return in one year isn’t good enough.

Giving families a list of support groups in the area and wishing them luck, is not good enough.

At some point, this world must wake up and realize that when a diagnosis of dementia is given, the attention can’t only be on the person with dementia. The attention also has to be on the family caring for that person.

Good care for the family members caring for a loved one with dementia = good care for the person with dementia.

Dementia can last for years. Behaviors change. Challenges change. Stress increases. Meanwhile, many families are left trying to figure everything out on their own.

Follow-up appointments are way off in the distance. A 30 minute follow-up appointment isn’t nearly enough time to actually get some help with the challenges and issues you might be facing in the home.

For all these reasons (and so many more!), I started Dementia Careblazers to help families get trustworthy and helpful information about common dementia struggles. My goal was to reach as many Careblazers as possible and let them know they aren’t alone and there is help.

I’m honored that my videos have somehow reached over 3 million views worldwide.

Based on the struggles I’ve seen Careblazers endure over the past 12 years of my work in large hospital settings, and through my conversations with many of you, I created this thing called Careblazers. A word I created to describe a dementia care hero. And I will continue to show up to try to fill in the gap our healthcare field has left.

About Dr. Natali

Dr. Natali is the founder of Careblazers. She is a board certified geropsychologist who is passionate about making sure all dementia caregivers have access to trustworthy information and support as they go through the dementia caregiving journey. When she's not working on Careblazers, she is probably out walking the Arizona trails with her rescue pup, Niko. The dog pictured here is Guinness, Careblazers first helper and rescue pup. He died in 2019, 2 weeks shy of his 16th birthday and he will forever be a part of the creation of Careblazers.

Here's a peak at what other Careblazers are saying:

  • "Careblazers is helping me so much. Lots of great videos and articles with information and tips about caring for loved ones with dementia. Just knowing that other people are going through similar experiences really helps me deal with looking after my mum. It is nice to communicate with other people going through the same." - Sue from England
  • "Careblazers has given me support and the knowledge to help my husband (and me) navigate our way through this journey with Dementia and Aphasia. Especially helpful is the advice on how to deal with my husband’s delusions." -Coral from Florida
  • "Dr. Natali’s careblazer dementia videos have provided me with a wealth of information that I desperately needed to understand what’s going on with my husband. She talks about every subject you can imagine. This knowledge has helped me feel empowered and I’ve been able to just take a deep breath and feel like “I can do this”." - Valja from Arizona.
  • "Careblazers YouTube channel provided me with professional answers to many of the questions I had about dementia. I was not only able to clearly understand the information provided, but found Natali to be compassionate, caring and well of knowledge on all things Dementia." -Carla from Ontario, Canada


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