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Hello Caregiver,

I'm Dr. Natali Edmonds. A board certified geropsychologist. I created Dementia Careblazers after working in a hospital for 13 years and seeing how the system was failing. It's time for great dementia care to be delivered in a way that doesn't require waiting months for a quick appointment. Here you'll find dementia information, support, and tips right at your fingertips.

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About Careblazers

Our healthcare system has to do better. Our communities have to do better. Healthcare professionals have to do better.

Handing families, a brochure or booklet on dementia and sending them home with an appointment to return in one year isn’t good enough.

Giving families a list of support groups in the area and wishing them luck, is not good enough.

Good care for the family members caring for a loved one with dementia = good care for the person with dementia.

Dementia Careblazers exists to help families get trustworthy and helpful information about common dementia struggles. We are currently the #1 Dementia Care Training Channel on YouTube with over 8 million views worldwide.

Here, I will continue to show up to try to fill in the gap our healthcare field has left.


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Bite-sized dementia care tips, strategies, and information to help make your caregiving journey easier one day at a time. 

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What Caregivers are Saying

  • "Careblazers is helping me so much. Lots of great videos and articles with information and tips about caring for loved ones with dementia. Just knowing that other people are going through similar experiences really helps me deal with looking after my mum. It is nice to communicate with other people going through the same." - Sue from England
  • "Careblazers has given me support and the knowledge to help my husband (and me) navigate our way through this journey with Dementia and Aphasia. Especially helpful is the advice on how to deal with my husband’s delusions." -Coral from Florida
  • "Dr. Natali’s careblazer dementia videos have provided me with a wealth of information that I desperately needed to understand what’s going on with my husband. She talks about every subject you can imagine. This knowledge has helped me feel empowered and I’ve been able to just take a deep breath and feel like “I can do this”." - Valja from Arizona.
  • "Careblazers YouTube channel provided me with professional answers to many of the questions I had about dementia. I was not only able to clearly understand the information provided, but found Natali to be compassionate, caring and well of knowledge on all things Dementia." -Carla from Ontario, Canada

The Dementia Care Club

If you'd like to connect with other amazing Careblazers and access private programs and Q & A sessions with Dr. Natali, you can join the Dementia Care Club. For anyone looking for more personalized support and guidance, this Care Club is for you. I don't believe caregivers have to suffer through the caregiving journey. This program shows you how to transform you entire journey and start to feel good about yourself and your loved one again.

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